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Wellington High School is a ten minute walk from the centre of Wellington the capital city of New Zealand. Wellington is a beautiful harbour city at the bottom of the North Island – the place of departure for ferries to the South Island.

Wellington has

  • the seat of government
  • Te Papa, the national museum
  • 40 embassies
  • two universities and three polytechnics
  • an international airport close to the city centre
  • 40% of its population was born overseas – we welcome international students
  • Wellington is rated by Deutsche Bank as the world’s most liveable city in 2017 and 2018
  • Wellington is a safe city – ‘an international safe city’ according to the World Health Organisation
  • Wellington is much cheaper when compared with Australian cities
  • Wellington has more restaurants per person than New York City and four weekend farmers’ markets
  • Wellington has the most highly educated population in New Zealand

Wellington is rated by the Lonely Planet guide 2010 as ‘the coolest little capital in the world.’

Come and join us and see for yourself!

Wellington High School is only ten minutes walk from the central city shopping and restaurant area and is well served by buses to all suburbs.


Wellington High School Aerial #1 Enhanced (Highlighted)