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International Office Staff


Prue Isaacs – International Student Programme Director

oversees the enrolment, payments, visas, insurance and other matters for International Students during their time at Wellington High School. Prue ensures that the programme is fully compliant with the Code of Practice.  She travels regularly to promote Wellington High School around the world.


Prue has been at Wellington High School since January 2019 and prior to this she worked for the government in NZ and tertiary institutes in London. Her three daughters all attended Wellington High School where they gained an excellent education and a passion for life-long learning. 


Di Jordan – Homestay Manager

arranges good quality homestay accommodation and acts as an advocate for students. She ensures that all students are living in appropriate accommodation and supports the relationships between host families and students. She provides pastoral care for students across all areas of their life at Wellington High School.




Julie McDonald – International Dean and Deputy Principal

 is responsible for academic timetabling, future pathway support, school-related issues in general and for the provision of pastoral care of international students.

Julie has been at Wellington High School for 16 years and is a teacher of English Language. She has previously worked as a litigation lawyer.


Cara Weston – Assistant International Dean

assists Julie McDonald with the academic progress of students with a particular focus on attendance and future plans.


Cara has been at Wellington High School for 16 years and is a teacher of Maths.



Thuy Tran – International Administration Assistant

takes care of the day to day administration in the department, with particular emphasis on insurance and immigration matters for the international students. She works 15 hours/week during term-time. Thuy also supports our Vietnamese students and their families.


Thuy has been at Wellington High School since 2019 after completing her Masters study programme.