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Hostel and Flatting Accomodation

With parents’ written permission and Wellington High School agreement, students over 18 years who are in NZ to study abroad may choose to live in a hostel or flat. Both these are monitored by the Homestay Co-ordinator. A modern hostel called 217 Taranaki is located next door to the school and is shared by students from Massey University, Victoria University and Wellington High School. It has single or double rooms with beds, clothing storage, refrigerator, telephone/data link, heating and a bathroom. Students share a large, modern communal kitchen on the ground floor where they can prepare food. They can eat in their rooms or the dining room.

  • Each floor has a smaller kitchen suitable for food preparation.
  • Communal laundry facilities are on the ground floor.
  • The hostel is close to a variety of ethnic restaurants and food markets.
  • The hostel has fulltime staff supervising students.
  • If you live in the hostel, you must obey the regulations of the hostel manager.
  • Each student in the hostel has their own room with bathroom and they share cooking and laundry facilities.
  • Find the hostel on

Flatting is the term for a group of young people living together in a house or apartment for which they share the rent and buy food together. They are responsible for running their own home and looking after themselves. If you are looking for an experience out of the ordinary, why not consider study and work in New Zealand?