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Alondra Arellano Hernadez – Santiago, Chile

Alondra Arellano Hernadez, Santiago, Chile

Alondra (in green) celebrating her 16th birthday with her international friends

Hello my name is Alondra and I am from Chile. I went to New Zealand February 19 and I remember the first day I went to Wellington High School. I was scared about what was coming, but at the same time I had a lot of enthusiasm about meeting new people and learning about this interesting new culture.

So my host family took me into the school and from the moment I saw it I didn’t believe I was about to study in such an amazing school. My family took me into the international room, where I met Maria, Di and Julia, the best international coordinators ever, because whenever you have a problem or if you need something, they will be there to help you.

I also remember that during the first week I was very impressed, because everything was totally new for me, the students, teachers and even the classes. Everything was more relaxed and fun. For example I had to choose my subjects, which is great, because you can choose whatever you want and you are good at, that gives you the opportunity to discover different skills you didn’t know you had.

At Wellington High School I have learned so many things about New Zealand and lived lots of amazing experiences, which I will never forget.

I would like thank the school for teaching me all these unforgettable lessons and especially for opening my mind and showing me that are many different ways to learn and work.