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Binny Li – Li Yingbin – Quangdong, China

My name is Binny, I am from China and I’m a student at Wellington High School. I have been in New Zealand about a year and I have studied at Wellington High for two terms. I’ve really enjoyed life here.

School here is very different from China. I can choose subjects I am interested in so classes are more fun and interesting. There isn’t too much homework or too many assessments – it is easier to study here and I can study many things.

My English has also improved in these few months. I have made many friends at school. They are from different countries – they are friendly and help me a lot. They have told me many things about school. I am happy to be friends with them, it makes life much better.

My teachers are good as well. They take care of me because I am a new student. They always help me with anything I ask.

I live in a homestay with another Chinese student, his name is Ray. My homestay parents, Nu’u and Dinah are very kind to us. They are both good cooks and they cook nice food for us. If we don’t like something, they won’t cook it again. We go shopping and fishing together. I feel free at home, just like I do in my Chinese home. We are like a real family.

I still have one more year at Wellington High School, I am Year 13 next year. I love to study here, I enjoy life in New Zealand and Wellington High School.


Binny is on the right in this picture taken at the end of year International Picnic at Otari Wilton’s Bush, Wellington.