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Jae Min Kim – Seoul

I am Jae Min Kim. I’m 16 years old and I’m from Seoul, South Korea.

I’m in Year 11 at Wellington High School and this is my third year here. I’m studying: English, Science, Economics, Digital Media, Japanese and my favourite subject Mathematics. I am studying maths at Yr 12 level this year, doing NCEA level 2.
Last year in Year 10 I achieved merit in level 1 mathematics and am sure I can do even better this year. Last year I also won a prize at the senior prize giving for excellence in Mathematics even though I was a junior.

I live in a home-stay with a Kiwi couple which is in Kingston up the top of the hills not very far from the school. My host Mum treats me like her son and I feel a part of the family. The food is good.

I really like Wellington High School. The teachers are kind and I’ve got lots of friends here and I play soccer for the school. I will finish my schooling here and then I will go to university and study to be an architect.

In Wellington the environment is clean and the people are polite. I like the quiet relaxed life here. I have lots of friends and feel like a New Zealanders as well as a Korean. I feel bicultural.

Hyeuk Jin Kim – Seoul

Hello my name is Hyeuk Jin Kim. I am from Seoul in South Korea. I am fourteen years old, in Year 10 and have been in New Zealand for nearly three years. I was at the nearby Mt Cook primary School for 18 months and learned a lot about school in New Zealand there.

When I came to Wellington High I was already with some people I knew from Mt Cook so it was not so strange.

I live with my mother and step father.

My favourite subjects are mathematics and music. I also study science, social studies, PE and ESOL.  I play the piano and am studying at Grade 7. I have piano lessons at school.  I enjoy mountain biking and have been to many different places riding my bike.  With a bike you can have the freedom to travel all over the city and hills around it. I have heaps of Kiwi friends and really enjoy being here. Life is not so rushed and we have time to enjoy things.

Hyun Young Kim – Rachel – Seoul

My New Zealand Life

Hello, my name is Hyun Young (Rachel) Kim. I come from Seoul, which is the capital city of South Korea. I’ve been living in New Zealand for one and a half years.

The reason I chose New Zealand was because my brother had been here since 2005, and he’s done well, and also that my aunt and her family are here. My aunt and uncle take care of me and my brother instead of my parents. I also have to speak English well because I want to be an air stewardess.

In the beginning, my parents talked about me going abroad to study in New Zealand. I didn’t like that because I didn’t want to apart from friends and family, and I didn’t want to leave my country. Honestly, I wasn’t confident in English, but I wanted to speak English well so I came to New Zealand.

When I first came to New Zealand I thought it was amazing and I quite enjoyed it.
I came to Wellington, because my aunt’s family moved here. I go to Wellington High School, and I find it a very comfortable place to study. Studying at Wellington High School is better than before, and I ‘m really enjoying my school life and my Year class.

New Zealanders accept people from different countries, especially Wellington people are very accepting. I feel really good about that, and it meant I could make some best friends.

With the school I went hiking along the Tongariro Crossing, in National Park near Taupo. I was really excited, and it was more fun than I could have imagined. The tramping was difficult as we had to climb the steep volcano Mt Ngauruhoe. I didn’t think I could make it but my teacher was behind me encouraging me.

In my spare time I usually play soccer and softball. I also play sport in Physical Education (P.E) class. We don’t have P.E at High School in South Korea. At first I wasn’t sure about it, but now I realize that P.E is fun. I really enjoy it now.

New Zealand is a good place to study. New Zealand’s air is fresh, and it has a beautiful sky, and a clean, new environment. The weather is good, and it makes you feel good.

So if you want to live, study abroad or immigrate I especially recommend Wellington, New Zealand.