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Marina Nava – Monterray

Vivir en Nueva Zelanda ha sido de las mejores experiencias que he tenido (menos por las milveces que caji me atropellan). Conoci a gente maravillosa, el pais es hermoso laescvela te da oportunidad de vivir cosa diferentes y la for ma en la que te ensenan es muy diferente. Pude ver otra cultura totalmente diferente a la mia y el tiempo que estuve aqui me hedado cuenta me ayudo a crecer como persona. Aveces si fue dificil estar iejos de mi casa o intentar expresarme pero definitivamente valio la pena. Me ilevo lo major de Nueva Zelanda y expero regresar pronto. Living in New Zealand has been one of the best experiences that I’ve had (except for the million times I was almost runover by a car). I met awesome people, the country is so beautiful, the school gives you opportunities to live different things. I could see a culture totally different from mine and I’ve realized that my time here has helped me to grow up personally. Yes, sometimes it was hard being so far from home or trying to express myself but it was definitely worth it. MY KIWI buddy Rosa helped me meet new friends and learn about the school. I’m taking the best of N.Z with me and I hope I can come back soon.

Alfredo Gutterrez – Guanajuato

This year has been a time full of challenges and opportunities of learning. I had the chance to choose subjects in the school and learn whatever I wanted and I had enough spare time to think about what I could do in the future and pretty much plan a few years of it. During the year I met people not just from NZ but from everywhere in the world and l made awesome friends wich I reckon is the best part of being on a exchange. I met most of these kiwi and international friends at WHS which was my school during the Year.

I’m glad I was at WHS. At WHS I had the opportunity to involve in everything. I decided to join sports like badminton, touch rugby and soccer where my team and I won the cup of the division, yay!!! and I joined the music class as well.

Joining the music class was one of my best picks. In music class I met heaps and heaps of talented people. It was just so great playing random songs during the practices at class times. The bigbest highlights were the Music evenings. In the first music evening i sang “Lucy in the sky with Diamonds” wich was pretty awesome and all my friends told me that “it was great” or “That was oof hte chain” and things like that. In the second music evening I felt more confident with myself so I organized a song in Spanish with my Argentinian friend (Melody), kiwi mate (Alexie), German mate (Johanes) and me. It was just great! I don’t know if it was really good when we performed but everyone said so and the song was a Spanish rap-pop song and most of the people think that Spanish is really cool and sexy. This year hasn’t been easy but it has been great.