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Kirill Volkov – Moscow

Kirill came to Wellington High School in 2003 after a year in San Diego on a USA sponsored scholarship. He and his family wanted him to continue to study abroad and his father decided to investigate New Zealand. He chose Wellington High for Kirill because it offered courses suited to Kirill’s interests and because the school responded promptly to inquiries and always provided comprehensive information.

Kirill proved himself an able student with an excellent academic mind. He is quick to understand and implement complex concepts and is an excellent problem solver in both mathematics and physics with outstanding computer programming skills.

Kirill quickly became a valued member of the school community. He began running with his host father and assisted with the refinement of the school website.

At our 2004 senior prize giving year Kirill was awarded First in: Year 13 Mathematics with Statistics, Mathematics with Calculus and in Digital Media. He won an International Student Award, the Brooker Prize for excellence in computing and the Principal’s Award for outstanding academic achievement.

In 2006 he completed a two year Diploma in Information Technology from Weltec in eighteen months.

Wellington High took the opportunity to offer him a computer technician job which helped him gain residency. This year he has worked flexible hours while he studies for a Bachelor of Information Sciences at Massey University.

Kirill enjoys the New Zealand lifestyle and plans to stay here for the foreseeable future. His parents visit every year and his father professes to have fallen in love with New Zealand.