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Puttipong – Bangkok

My name is Puttipong. I am 16 years old and I come from Bangkok in Thailand I am a Year 12 student studying Mathematics, Hospitality, Economics, Tourism, ESOL and Painting. Tourism is my favourite subject because I am learning a lot about New Zealand and I want to be a tourism guide. My brother and I live together in a home-stay with a New Zealand family with two children. The host parents are nice, kind people and we feel well looked after. The food is good and my host father always helps us with our homework. In the holidays we al I went to Auckland and visited the Sky Tower and a lot of other places there. It was fun but I prefer Wellington. I love Wellington High School – I like the wide choice of subjects. I feel safe at this school and in this city. I even like the weather because it is not too hot and the wind is exciting. Puttipong has now returned to Bangkok and is studying art and design at University.

Phornthep Kaweephiphatkun – Bangkok

My name is Phornthep and I’m from Bangkok, Thailand. I’m 18 Years old. I’m taking a University Entrance course in Mathematics with Statistics, Mathematics with Calculus, Economics and 2 ESOL classes. I really like ESOL because I like to communicate with people and this helps me. I’m living in a home-stay with an older New Zealand couple. They are very kind and take good care of me. The house is beautiful and I like living up a hill because of the good views. I’m enjoying Wellington High School. I like the people and the way of teaching. I’m playing soccer for the school 2nd X1 and we were runners up in the regional competition. I won two awards at the school prize giving one for English and for outstanding contribution to the school. I like the weather in Wellington, the views and I have made good friends here. I will go back to Bangkok for university when I have finished Year 12 in New Zealand.

Warisa (Ploy) Thespurin – Udon Thani

My name is Ploy Thepsurin. I’m from Thailand. I went to Wellington High School when I was 14 and I studied there for 2 years. At the first time, I didn’t know what school I should go to until I met Mrs. Prue Kelly, the Principal of WHS, in Thailand and I found out that Wellington High students doesn’t have to wear a uniform and this school is very famous in art. These reasons made I chose High. Wellington High School is my favourite school. I get to do a lot of things that I never done before in classes! Cutting through a sheep’s lung in science class was one of my good experiences. Also, WHS has so many clubs, sports, and activities to do. I tried fencing and archery and that was fun but I think I wasn’t born to play this kind of sport so I tried new things. I got myself into WHS astronomy club and we went to the Carter Observatory look at our neighbouring galaxy during the night time and in the day time we went to look at the sun by the telescope! Not just astronomy club that is interesting. I was in the WHS Peer Mediation team which is a group of students who trains with the excellent counseller of WHS to help other students find their own way to solve their conflicts between whoever or whatever they have. When I was in year 10 I went to ski trip. I tried snowboarding (it was my first time). Man! It was harder than I though it would be but it was an unforgettable time for me in New Zealand. The international student department will organise a great picnic trip for us every year and that’s a great time to get close to the NZ pure nature. Sometime I feel like Wellington High is another world or a gate to get to a bigger world where I can experience with real things and it gave me a chance to find myself, to find what I really like, to find what I really want to do. Really I found my dream school. Someone told me Wellington High is a magic place and I think it’s true. Aim High, Choose High!