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Thuy Nguyen – Hai Phong

Thuy Nguyen - Hai Phong -VietnamMy name is Thuy Nguyen. I’m 15 years old and I come from Hai Phong, North Vietnam. I’m a year 11 student and I’m studying 3 ESOL classes so I can improve my English quickly and Mathematics, Computing and Economics. I really like my ESOL and Maths classes. I’m living with my Uncle and his wife. They have lived in Wellington for quite a long time now and it is good for me to live with them because they are kind to me and help me with my English. They also understand me well because we are from the same family and the same country. I’m happy at Wellington High School because the teachers are friendly and helpful and I have made good friends here. I like Wellington because it is quiet, beautiful and clean.

Duc Hanh Nguyen – Hanoi

Duc Hanh Nguyen - Hanoi - VietnamI studied at Wellington High for 2 years and I have many good memories of my time there.
When I came to Wellington High for the first time, I was nervous but excited at the same time. Later on I got used to the school’s system. I made many friends. Some of them were from Germany, the others from Asia and New Zealand students. They were very friendly and helped me a lot.

I had a close friend. His name is Hunter- a New Zealand student. He was a friendly guy. He showed me many interesting things around the school.
There were other Vietnamese students. We were all like a group of friends. At lunch time we sat around a table, ate our lunch and played cards. We just played cards for fun not for money or anything else.
I really enjoyed school and love the teachers there. They were all friendly and patient. If I didn’t understand a problem in the lesson, they were happy explain it again for me.
I had a very good time at Wellington High. I will never forget my teachers and my friends; they will always be in my heart. They organised things like the International Dinner and the beginning of the year picnic. In the picture I have just finished a three legged race with my cousin Yen.

I studied Computing, Electronics, English, Calculus and Statistics. I did very well at the NCEA examinations at the end of Yr 13. I gained NCEA level 3 and University entrance and plan to go San Jose State University in the Fall Semester of 2008.

Hoai Phuong Nguyen – Ho Chi Minh City

Hoai Phuong Nguyen - Ho Chi Minh City - VietnamFirst Impressions of Wellington High School
Hoai Phuong Nguyen – Ho Chi Minh City Year 11 2008
Rain always comes and brings the lush colour of green, the pure stream of water to wet everything, wipe out daily stresses, brings the rainbow to add colours to the sky.
It was a rainy day-my first day at Wellington High. Everything seemed to be completely new to a sixteen year old girl-me. I walked to school scared and nervous.
“Am I going to be OK in a whole new society? How can I be nice to everyone? Am I different because of being Asian?”
Those thoughts were just like a swirling cloud lurking in the shadows of my mind. They appeared and made me lose confidence.
I finally set eyes on the school after a walk along the field. I couldn’t see really well because it was drizzling outside.
“Hi! I’m Sarah. Nice to meet you!”
The coldness just went and so did the rain. That was how the first conversation began. She was a really kind Brazilian girl with a warm smile that brought the sun out of dark clouds. We talked about schooling, home and where we were from.
Vietnam-I couldn’t imagine how proud I was when I said that word. Like a picture hanging in the secret place of my soul, Vietnam is always there-where love and peace are. It gave me strength to show myself, to integrate into the new society.
“The rainbow always comes out after the rain”.

Everything went well after all. I met Ms Julia, Katherine and Amanda-who are responsible for international students and a few Vietnamese students. They are just so nice that I feel like I’m home .I’m living here-being with people from different cultures and backgrounds, I have learnt to accept and respect others’ values. Like rainbows, one student brings their own colour to add to the whole sky which becomes even more colourful.
Life is different to me now. More experiences. More independence. More colours….Wellington High is just so wonderful. A well-knitted environment, nice people, passionate teachers…all has made here a small great environment. I love where I am now-the place that I believe to bring me the chance to make dreams come true.
I’m doing a full Year 11 Programme. I really like Maths because I’m good at it and I like Practical Woodwork because it’s something different.

Loan Pham – Hanoi

Loan Pham - Hanoi - Vietnam

Wellington Life

My name is Loan and I’m from Vietnam; a beautiful small country in South East Asia. I have been here in New Zealand for one year and four months, that’s a long time, isn’t it? I’m an international student and I’m studying at Wellington High School.
Well, about Wellington High School. This is my first school in an overseas country. Sure enough, there are lots of differences between my school in Vietnam and my school here. I think most of the differences are positive and I prefer here than in my old school. For example, you just study five subjects, not 11 as in Vietnam, the teachers are willing to answer every question from students and there is not as much pressure put on students so I feel more comfortable here.

The big difference is the language you speak, I use English all the time, and that has been my biggest difficulty. In the early days my English was dreadful and I didn’t understand what other people were saying. But now I have got used to it, and my English is much better now.
One special thing about Wellington High is that there are many international students from lots of different countries studying here. I can make friends with Chinese, Korean, Indian, Samoan, Japanese and German people. I could never do that in Vietnam. Overall, I enjoy studying here, I have lots of fun.

At school, I work hard in all my classes; the classes are so interesting so I like to study new things. Outside of school, I relax and explore Wellington. I like taking a walk whenever I can go around the city for shopping or simply to have a look at the nice scenery. Sometimes I go to the movies with my friends; otherwise if the weather is bad (usually in winter) I love to stay at home, watch movies and T.V or listen to music in English.
Yes I like living here, I love studying at Wellington High because my life is peaceful and comfortable compared to life in Vietnam.
This year I want to get University Entrance and then I’ll decide what I want to do next.

Le Ngoc Cuong – Hanoi

Le Ngoc Cuong - Hanoi  - VietnamWellington High is Interesting

Hello, I’m Cuong and I’m 18 years old, from Hanoi, Vietnam. I have been in New Zealand for two and a half years. At the moment I’m living in Wellington and studying at Wellington High. At school I study Maths, ESOL, Chemistry, Food Technology and Mechanical Engineering.
I’m enjoying studying Mechanical Engineering and Food Technology because there are a lot of interesting, practical things to do in those classes like cooking and sawing and welding.
Maths is not so hard for me, and I quite enjoy it, even though we have a lot of homework. We do a lot of experiments in Chemistry, so it’s a really good subject to do, and quite fun.
After school I usually hang out with some friends from school. I have friends from many different nationalities, and of course, Kiwi friends. I also play soccer after school, and I’m in the First XI School’s soccer team. I really like it.

This is my last year in High School, so next year I’m going to university. Going to university was my main reason for coming to New Zealand. I’m still not sure what I will study. Because of the type of education I get here, I have a lot of choices. My Dean and Career’s Advisor at Wellington High will help me figure it out where I should go and what is best for me to study.

Dinh Nam Nguyen – Hanoi

Dinh Nam Nguyen – Hanoi - VietnamFrom Here to University.

Hello everyone. I spent one and a half years at Wellington High School.

I was really happy to be in this beautiful place where everyone was friendly, especially my teachers who were really kind and helped me with my studies and learning English. In Yr 13 I studied Calculus, Statistics, Physics and ESOL. Because of my helpful teachers I achieved very good results in my last year at school.: NCEA Level 3, University Entrance and a scholarship in Calculus. Scholarship means top 2% in the country.

The Wellington High School community was a very good environment for studying. I also met lots of students from all over the world and made really good friends.

This year I am at Canterbury University studying Civil Engineering but I would still love to come back to WHS.

Hai Yen Nguyen – Hanoi

Hai Yen Nguyen - Hanoi - Vietnam

Hi everyone! I’m writing this from Monash University where I’m in my first year studying for a Commerce degree. I’m working really hard but feeling reasonably confident as I think my two final years of secondary school at Wellington High School have prepared me well.

I arrived at Wellington High at the beginning of 2006 and both my cousin, Hanh, and I enrolled in Year 12 classes although not the same ones. I took courses in Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics, Design Technology Fabrics and ESOL. I like studying and worked really hard and got a lot of help from my teachers, who were really kind and understanding. At the end of the year at Senior Prize giving I was awarded 1st in subject for Year 13 ESOL and an International Students Award.

During the year I adjusted well to life in N.Z and enjoyed myself. I had a kiwi host family who looked after me well and I especially loved my host sister. It helped having my cousin at the same school although I soon made lots of friends from all over the world.

At the end of 2006 I went home to Vietnam for the holidays, feeling good that I’d had such a positive experience in my first year away from home.

I returned to Wellington High School in February, 2007, to the same host family and for my final year at school. I took the same subjects but at level 3: Chemistry, Design Technology, Fabrics, Mathematics with Statistics and Mathematics with Calculus. I didn’t do ESOL as I had obtained the credits I needed in English for University Entrance the year before. I liked all my classes but especially Design Technology as it was something I had never had the opportunity to do before.
At the end of the year I received an International Students Award and was first in subject in Mathematics with Calculus, Chemistry, Design Technology Fabrics AND I was runner up to the Dux. I was so happy and my family were so proud. This and my good marks in the level three examinations, and achieving University Entrance enabled me to achieve a place at Monash University.

I miss Wellington High School; all the fun I had, the friends I made, my teachers and my little host sister.