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Constanza Perez Cornejo – Chile

Constanza Perez Cornejo, ChileWhat can I say after living such an amazing experience?
Well, I’m Coni , I’m 16 years old , I’m from Chile and I can say that I just lived the most incredible five months of my life here in New Zealand.

It’s not just the place, it’s everything that I like about Wellington – the people, the culture, the food and even the busses!!

When I got here on February 11, everything was so different and new for me because I wasn´t in my home anymore, I was 12.000 km away from my hometown!.

At first I was so confused because manners are really different between Chile and New Zealand but I got used to it.

I’m really thankful to all the people that I met here, everyone helped me during the times I was homesick and sad. I especially have to thank the people who are in charge of the international students because during my first week in NZ, I was really sad.

I love the teachers at Wellington High School – they are all really patient and friendly with us because they are aware that English is not our first language.

The other thing that was helped make my exchange experience so good was my host family, I’ve a beautiful little host sister , an adorable host mum who’s a really great cook and a really nice host dad.

Thank you WHS for making this experience the best one of my life! <3