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Learning Area National Certificate of Education Achievement Levels 1, 2 and 3
Arts Art, Art History, Painting, Sculpture, Design, Photography, Drama, Printmaking, Theatre Studies, Music
Languages  English, English with Science Fiction, English and Philosophy, English for Writers, English and Religion, Spanish, Maori, Maori Performing Arts, Japanese, Chinese, English Language (EL)
Mathematics Mathematics, Calculus, Statistics, Numeracy
Physical Education Physical Education, Health Education, Sports Science, Outdoor Education, Recreation
Science  Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science, Agriculture & Horticulture, Earth and Space Science
Social Science Social Studies, Economics, Faith and Force, Papa Taio (Enviromental Sustainability, Criminal Pyschology, Sociology, Journalism, Classical Studies, Business Studies, Legal Studies, Geography, History, Moving Image Culture, Media Studies, Media in Aotearoa
Technology Design Visual Communication, Design Technology Workshop, Practical Workshop, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Sonic Arts, Food Technology, Hospitality, Fashion Technology, Computer Science, Digital Media, Practical Computing, CREST, Barista Skills

Our international students are prepared for university or polytechnic either in New Zealand or anywhere in the world.  New Zealand University Entrance is recognised by universities all over the world. International students who have graduated from Wellington High School have been accepted for Princeton, London School of Economics, University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales Australia, Singapore, Berkeley and many others.