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English Language Requirements

English Language Lessons English language lessons are compulsory for international students and are part of daily lessons.

English lessons (whether EL or English) are part of the programme and no extra fee is charged.

Wellington High School has a fulltime, permanently staffed English Language (EL) department.

There is no formal English language requirement at Wellington High School – most students are assessed when they arrive using an Oxford Placement test.  They are then placed into as many classes as they need to improve their language as quickly as possible and then be able to join more of the mainstream classes.

Students need to be willing to work to improve their English and to work hard, especially if they plan to stay for just one semester.
Often students who have studied English in their own countries just need confidence to improve their speaking quickly.


Senior Students (Years 11, 12, 13)

Senior student’s English is tested at the time of enrolment using an Oxford Test. The results of this test are used to plan an EL programme for each student. Students with good English have a full academic programme.

Students who need lots of EL are assessed regularly by Wellington High School and enrolled in a full academic programme when their English language ability reaches the required level.

Junior Students (Years 9, 10)

There is no minimum English language requirement but students should have sufficient English to allow them to be placed in some less language intensive classes.

Students are placed in classes with their peer group and withdrawn for English language support if this is necessary.