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Deng Suining – Guangzhou, China

Hi, my name is Lorna and I’m from mainland China, specifically I come from a big city called Guangzhou which is down the bottom of mainland China.
I came to New Zealand mostly because I really like English instead of Chinese and I really want to study about other countries not just China.

So here I am, studying at Wellington High as a Year 13 student.  Wellington High is a very cool school.  I could see this from the first day I came here.  It surely is very, very different from those schools I had been to in China.  At Wellington High, students can wear whatever they want as long as they are suitable for a student, they can choose the subjects they like to have, and more importantly, they have the freedom to express themselves freely. 
The school is lovely and fun.  Why?  Because at Wellington High, there are a lot of activities you can get involved such as sports, music etc. and lots of other stuff I had never done or seen before.  I’ve been involved in lots of things this year.   I’m playing volleyball and I’m in the school team, even though I don’t know how to play it properly but never mind, cause I’ll learn little by little.  I’m also a school library assistant.  I started to volunteer at the school library last year. It was a great experience for me.  I learnt a lot like; how to issue items, how to shelve books, it’s definitely good for me, so I continue doing it.  Outside school, I have another mission during the weekends – volunteer at Old St Paul’s.  Every weekend I go to this stunning historical church and help sort out the visitors from around the world. Sometimes I even help set up weddings and funerals for people.  I had never imagined myself doing this but I’m doing it and I’m very confident and proud of doing it.

Wellington is a place everyone would like, because it’s so peaceful and simple.  It avoids the usual big cities’ problems such as crime, safety, pollution etc.  Wellington is so pure, clean and tidy that makes you feel guilty if you drop rubbish on the streets.  Wellingtonians mostly are nice people.  I was impressed very much by this when I first came here.  In school if I am stuck with something or have a problem, people around do their best to help me. They all seem very willing to help and they are quite helpful and patiently listen to me which makes me very easy and comfortable.

However, since this is my first time living in a way that is so different. I needed to learn about change around me and try to fit in this new world. Sometimes I still find hard it to do.