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Pre-Enrolment Pack Click here to read the Pre-Enrolment Pack

Applications are accepted at any time of the year and students may be admitted at any time. However it is wise to time your arrival at the beginning of a term if you can.

Application for internships should be directed to the Principal


  • The school will accept secondary aged students for enrolment if the following conditions are met:
  • there is a place on the programme,
  • you are under the age of 18 at the time of enrolment,
  • your documentation shows you are a bona fide student,
  • you enrol to achieve academically,
  • your parents have signed the contract of tuition and forwarded it to the Director of International Students;

Students normally enrol to start at the beginning of a term, semester or at a negotiated time.

Commencement after the start of a term or semester may restrict student choice of courses as classes may be full.

Once an application is received Wellington High School will email an Offer of Place.

Look at the Entry Procedures and Information for Students, Parents and Agents Entry Procedures for Agents 2017