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Fees, Expenses & Refunds

Tuition fees depend on the length of time a student stays at Wellington High School. Students can enrol for a few weeks or for the whole year. If students want to stay for more than one year, students pay each year for the year ahead.

The full tuition fees must be paid to the school before a receipt can be issued and the student can apply for a Student Visa from the New Zealand Immigration Service.

For students from the People’s Republic of China, the fees should be paid only after the student has received an Approval in Principle (AIP) letter from the New Zealand Immigration Service.

Fees for 2019
Tuition NZ $4,250.00 to $14,000.00
Administration NZ $200.00 – $700.00

NZ $281.00 per week 2019

Homestay Placement/Monitoring NZ $400.00
Medical Insurance NZ $638.00 for a year

Full fees list for 2019 can be found Here

In the event that the international programme cannot continue the Board of Trustees will refund tuition fees and any homestay money held by the school to students without an insurance policy.

Other Optional Expenses
External examination fees up to NZ $450.00
Sports Registration up to NZ $100.00
Field Trips -camping etc up to NZ $450.00
Subject Workbooks up to NZ $60.00
Materials Fee up to NZ $200.00
Class photo up to NZ $25.00

Fees may be direct credited into the Wellington High School Bank Account. Make sure your name is recorded properly.

Usually, the total annual fee is paid in one sum, but another arrangement may be negotiated.

Fees Protection Insurance
All international students are required to have fees protection insurance.  This is available and included in the health insurance policy recommended by the school.

Look at the Fees Protection Policy Here

The formal Offer of Place and subsequent receipt for fees constitutes a contract.

If students withdraw from a course in our International Study Program they may be eligible for a refund of tuition fees.

Refunds must be applied for in writing from the country of origin of the student by either the parent or official agent of the student stating the reasons for withdrawal. Any refunds will be paid directly to either of these applicants.

  • Students who cancel their enrolment before they arrive in New Zealand may apply for a refund of tuition fees.
  • Students in the school will not be given a refund unless they withdraw from the programme for special family reasons.
  • Any refund of tuition fees will have all school expenses deducted – MoE levy, agent commission, relevant cost of committed staff and resources and GST.
  • There will be no tuition fees refunds:
    • after the mid point of a course,
    • if a student transfers to another school
    • if a student is expelled or excluded.

Any unused accommodation or pocket money will be refunded in full to the student when this request is made in writing. For amounts in excess of NZ$500.00, the school will request the authorization of parent or agent.

Look at the Refunds Policy Here