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Eva Neuwirth – Ammersee, Bavaria

I liked New Zealand so much, I stayed.

My name is Eva and I’m from Germany. I was meant to spend 6 months at Wellington High School, but ended up staying for a year and a half, sitting the final exams at the end of it. I ended up staying longer because I loved the friendly atmosphere and the people in New Zealand. I am pictured here with my host family – I have dark hair. The first day I arrived at school I didn’t know anyone and could speak hardly any English. Nevertheless I was welcomed by the other students and managed to make friends and pick up the language quickly.
The things I enjoyed about WHS the most were the openness of the teachers and the many different cultures who spent their days studying together. I
learned to appreciate the different backgrounds that the people at my school came from. At the same time I was pushed out of my comfort-zone and learned how to get used to being independent and responsible for everything I did. I always felt that the staff at school did everything they could to help me do well and support me in every possible way.
I believe that my time in New Zealand taught me many life skills that I could not have learned back in Germany and I am grateful for the time I had there and the lovely people I got to spend time with. I would happily recommend an exchange to WHS to anyone who is considering it, and would do it again any time!
Go Wellington High School!

Eva did extraordinarily well in the national examinations achieving a scholarship in Art History –the highest award national – in her last year. Eva went on to do a B.A in Psychology at Victoria University, became a resident of New Zealand and is now studying Medicine at Ulm University in Germany. She spent last month volunteering in Ecuador.