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Filippo Vairo – Cortazzone

I stayed here for just two moths and it’s really not enough time. Now that I’m here I’d like to stay longer, but my school in Italy won’t let me do more than this term.
I’ve had a very good time here and a lot of fun while I studied hard. I’ve met a lot of new friends from around the world.
What I like most in this school is the timetable. The start times are different from Italy and I can choose to do so many subjects, subjects that are new and interesting. I studied Practical Food and Nutrition where we studied the science of food and I was able to cook, which was fun. I studied Recreation, which we learnt about different types of sports, and I enjoyed studying subjects such as English and Math here.
A good point about this school is that it’s so easy to make some friends from many different countries. It takes time to make Kiwi friends.
My family had a lot of pets, and were good, warm and made really good food.
I wish I could stay for longer.

July-September 2008