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Hoai Phuong Nguyen – Ho Chi Minh City

Hoai Phuong Nguyen - Ho Chi Minh City - VietnamFirst Impressions of Wellington High School
Hoai Phuong Nguyen – Ho Chi Minh City Year 11 2008
Rain always comes and brings the lush colour of green, the pure stream of water to wet everything, wipe out daily stresses, brings the rainbow to add colours to the sky.
It was a rainy day-my first day at Wellington High. Everything seemed to be completely new to a sixteen year old girl-me. I walked to school scared and nervous.
“Am I going to be OK in a whole new society? How can I be nice to everyone? Am I different because of being Asian?”
Those thoughts were just like a swirling cloud lurking in the shadows of my mind. They appeared and made me lose confidence.
I finally set eyes on the school after a walk along the field. I couldn’t see really well because it was drizzling outside.
“Hi! I’m Sarah. Nice to meet you!”
The coldness just went and so did the rain. That was how the first conversation began. She was a really kind Brazilian girl with a warm smile that brought the sun out of dark clouds. We talked about schooling, home and where we were from.
Vietnam-I couldn’t imagine how proud I was when I said that word. Like a picture hanging in the secret place of my soul, Vietnam is always there-where love and peace are. It gave me strength to show myself, to integrate into the new society.
“The rainbow always comes out after the rain”.

Everything went well after all. I met Ms Julia, Katherine and Amanda-who are responsible for international students and a few Vietnamese students. They are just so nice that I feel like I’m home .I’m living here-being with people from different cultures and backgrounds, I have learnt to accept and respect others’ values. Like rainbows, one student brings their own colour to add to the whole sky which becomes even more colourful.
Life is different to me now. More experiences. More independence. More colours….Wellington High is just so wonderful. A well-knitted environment, nice people, passionate teachers…all has made here a small great environment. I love where I am now-the place that I believe to bring me the chance to make dreams come true.
I’m doing a full Year 11 Programme. I really like Maths because I’m good at it and I like Practical Woodwork because it’s something different.