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Izabella Silva – Niteroi

It’s just been the greatest experience I’ve ever had in my whole life! My host family is amazing and I have really become attached to them. I have three little lovely host brothers and my host mum is the kindest person I’ve ever met. I appreciate them. Wellington High School is quite different from my school in Brazil. I’m enjoying it a lot here, though. I love the fact that you can choose your subjects and that every class is interesting and dynamic. As well as that there are a lot of amazing professionals, including teachers, cleaners etc…they are all friendly, patient and helpful. (Thank you, guys!) I’m happy to be here and to have met all those nice people. Wellington city was definitely the right choice! It’s a lovely, gorgeous city, easy to get around. You can find many nice places to visit here. My favourite ones are the cafes! I usually go every week, four times at least. I have travelled a bit around New Zealand. I’d like to see more places, thought. I’ve been to Nelson, Blenheim, and Auckland. I just have to say that this country is as beautiful as I thought. It’s full of natural beauty, fresh air, mystical places and more. If you feel like going skiing you can go. If you feel like going to a gorgeous deserted sandy beach, you can go as well! This is awesome! My piece of advice: Don’t forget to bring a camera!!! Well, I’m glad to have chosen New Zealand. I wish I could stay longer. (2008)