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Jae Min Kim – Seoul

I am Jae Min Kim. I’m 16 years old and I’m from Seoul, South Korea.

I’m in Year 11 at Wellington High School and this is my third year here. I’m studying: English, Science, Economics, Digital Media, Japanese and my favourite subject Mathematics. I am studying maths at Yr 12 level this year, doing NCEA level 2.
Last year in Year 10 I achieved merit in level 1 mathematics and am sure I can do even better this year. Last year I also won a prize at the senior prize giving for excellence in Mathematics even though I was a junior.

I live in a home-stay with a Kiwi couple which is in Kingston up the top of the hills not very far from the school. My host Mum treats me like her son and I feel a part of the family. The food is good.

I really like Wellington High School. The teachers are kind and I’ve got lots of friends here and I play soccer for the school. I will finish my schooling here and then I will go to university and study to be an architect.

In Wellington the environment is clean and the people are polite. I like the quiet relaxed life here. I have lots of friends and feel like a New Zealanders as well as a Korean. I feel bicultural.