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Jessica Souza – Aracajou

A Brazilian in New Zealand. On 30 January, 2008, my New Zealand experience began. After almost two days travelling between airports and on planes I arrived in kiwi territory. It was warm and sunny and this made me feel at home even knowing that it was my first day, I can’t forget about those who first really cared about me: Roger and Lin Meecham, my host family. They are responsible for half of my good experience here. It was more than perfect to feel how happy they were to host me and how they would do anything to make me feel at home. When I arrived I was counting the days to when school would start and when it finally started I felt so scared about how different kiwi teenagers are (compared to Brazilian teenagers) and how they dress up and act. I made friends from different parts of the world which is good because I got to know different cultures and different languages without having to go out of New Zealand! That’s why I always say that I met the world at Wellington High! I got to choose good subjects, and I loved the ones I took, especially the ones I’d never tried before like woodwork. As the months passed I got to know the country and it was easier to be part of the culture and I made kiwi friends who I adore and who will be unforgettable, that’s for sure. I travelled around New Zealand, and even though I enjoyed the cities I saw, Wellington is supreme in my heart; the café life, the perfect public libraries (I really will miss these), the harbour, Miramar streets, the seals at red rocks, the city view from Mt Victoria and even the trolley buses (that sometimes made me really angry) will all be missed. Well, again, I have to say those months that I lived in New Zealand will be unforgettable and it’s not just because of what I just wrote, because if I really tried to write about the good times it would take pages and pages. I also have to say heaps of big thank yous to a lot of people at Wellington High School who were always ready to help me with anything. Thank you for every little thing! And thank you to New Zealand for hosting me!