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Koshi Ogawa – Shizuoka

I’m. I’m 16 Years old and I’m from , Japan.

The subjects I’m doing are Mathematics, Physics, Recreation, Performance Music and Electronics. I’m enjoying all my classes; I’m also having lessons in playing the saxophone.

I live in a home-stay with a Kiwi couple and their adult son in Miramar in the eastern suburbs of Wellington.
They are really kind people, treat me like one of the family, the food is good and the house is nice. In the holidays they took me to Auckland for a wedding. We also did some sight seeing and in Taupo went bungy jumping.

I really like the choice of subjects at Wellington High School so everything I have chosen is something that I like. I find I can talk to the teachers more easily than at home.

I like Wellington too. It’s a compact city and easy to get from one side to the other and easy to get what you want.