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Le Ngoc Cuong – Hanoi

Le Ngoc Cuong - Hanoi  - VietnamWellington High is Interesting

Hello, I’m Cuong and I’m 18 years old, from Hanoi, Vietnam. I have been in New Zealand for two and a half years. At the moment I’m living in Wellington and studying at Wellington High. At school I study Maths, ESOL, Chemistry, Food Technology and Mechanical Engineering.
I’m enjoying studying Mechanical Engineering and Food Technology because there are a lot of interesting, practical things to do in those classes like cooking and sawing and welding.
Maths is not so hard for me, and I quite enjoy it, even though we have a lot of homework. We do a lot of experiments in Chemistry, so it’s a really good subject to do, and quite fun.
After school I usually hang out with some friends from school. I have friends from many different nationalities, and of course, Kiwi friends. I also play soccer after school, and I’m in the First XI School’s soccer team. I really like it.

This is my last year in High School, so next year I’m going to university. Going to university was my main reason for coming to New Zealand. I’m still not sure what I will study. Because of the type of education I get here, I have a lot of choices. My Dean and Career’s Advisor at Wellington High will help me figure it out where I should go and what is best for me to study.