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Municol Kim – Phnom Penh – Cambodia

My Time at WHS

My name is Municol Kim and I come from Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia.
I’m here because I want to continue to study at a university in New Zealand and I want to improve my English as well.

I like the people here because they are kind to me and helpful. The main difference is that they don’t like to eat rice and soup as in my own country.

I used to wonder about the houses here, about why they are wooden. Later I found out that New Zealand has earthquakes, which cleared my mind.

Now I am studying in Year 13 at Wellington High School. I’m taking classes in ESOL, Information Science, Mathematics and Design Technology Woodwork.

Here the teachers really care about helping the students and will even help you after school. There are good facilities to help students study, such as the library, computer room, workshops and laboratories. I like the fact that there are lots and lots of books here.