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Phornthep Kaweephiphatkun – Bangkok

My name is Phornthep and I’m from Bangkok, Thailand. I’m 18 Years old. I’m taking a University Entrance course in Mathematics with Statistics, Mathematics with Calculus, Economics and 2 ESOL classes. I really like ESOL because I like to communicate with people and this helps me. I’m living in a home-stay with an older New Zealand couple. They are very kind and take good care of me. The house is beautiful and I like living up a hill because of the good views. I’m enjoying Wellington High School. I like the people and the way of teaching. I’m playing soccer for the school 2nd X1 and we were runners up in the regional competition. I won two awards at the school prize giving one for English and for outstanding contribution to the school. I like the weather in Wellington, the views and I have made good friends here. I will go back to Bangkok for university when I have finished Year 12 in New Zealand.