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Puttipong – Bangkok

My name is Puttipong. I am 16 years old and I come from Bangkok in Thailand I am a Year 12 student studying Mathematics, Hospitality, Economics, Tourism, ESOL and Painting. Tourism is my favourite subject because I am learning a lot about New Zealand and I want to be a tourism guide. My brother and I live together in a home-stay with a New Zealand family with two children. The host parents are nice, kind people and we feel well looked after. The food is good and my host father always helps us with our homework. In the holidays we al I went to Auckland and visited the Sky Tower and a lot of other places there. It was fun but I prefer Wellington. I love Wellington High School – I like the wide choice of subjects. I feel safe at this school and in this city. I even like the weather because it is not too hot and the wind is exciting. Puttipong has now returned to Bangkok and is studying art and design at University.