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Ray Lei – Lei Junhao – Zhongzhou, China

Hi everybody, I am Ray from China, your friend. I have been in Wellington for four months and I am a student at Wellington High. When I first arrived here, I felt everything was new in my life. There were so many differences compared with China.

 At school the teachers were friendly, they gave me a lot of information about the school. I chose subjects which I like especially Outdoor Education which was funny and exciting. By the way in this class I knew someone. They were patient, told me the rules of the game and encouraged me. I tried some new things I hadn’t done in China. I like my class and my teachers.

The school gave me a wonderful homestay. They are so funny and kind. On the first day I came to the new homestay they told me that if I wanted anything I could just help myself. They said, “Ray, remember this is your home, you can do things just like you would at your home in China.” I am so happy that I met them. I’m 63kg now, fatter than four months ago by about 5 kgs!

Next year I will be in Year 12. For the last four months I have tried my best to get to know and make friends with local students. Of course it isn’t easy but everything comes to he who waits. I know Mo, Cody, Tom and Harry already, they helped me with my English and are friendly and accommodating. Finally I enjoy my new life in New Zealand. I hope my English will be as good as my Chinese, haha!

(Ray is on the left in this picture with his friend Binny – read Binny’s story too!)