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Rebecca Lieberum – Immenhausen, Germany

Becca (pictured second right) on an Outdoor Education trip in the middle of the North Island.

I still cannot put all of this in words! It has been a year now but it does not feel like a whole year, more as nine months. This year has been a fast, eventful and emotional rollercoaster. And now I am back in Germany, trying to get back at normal.

To be honest, I have always dreamed to come to New Zealand since five years and I knew I want to go to Wellington because it seems to me to be a city with typical city life- business, shops and skyscrapers, but on the other hand it has nature around it. It seems very mixed up with both people and the sea nearby. What I did not know was that Wellington is one of the windiest places in the world! I almost got blown away. But it should not scare you… One time you will become resistant to the wind or even miss it! To put it in a nutshell, Wellington is the most beautiful city I have ever seen! The people, the atmosphere and the lifestyle is the most beautiful and peaceful place I have ever been. I never felt unsafe in Wellington. Once I walked home from town. It took about one and a half hours, but it was the best I could do. I saw so much and the people were so friendly! I always had to smile.

I loved being part of Wellington High! The school is very liberal and open-minded. Everyone respects you, it does not matter who you are. The school is not the smallest but it feels great to part of something big. Not only at school, also with the other internationals. We all come from other countries and speak different languages, but we were in this together. We all left our families, to live together with another family for a temporary time. We all wanted to improve our English and to have the best time in New Zealand. We grew together and now I have family around the world!

Wellington High School gives you the best opportunities because I think you won’t find a better school which is so tolerant, easy going, cool and a place to have fun!
I love our International Department, I do not think, there would be a better one. They are all lovely. They always listen to you and help you. They do not care how often you stop by, they are always happy to see you. A friend and I wanted to travel to the South Island in the holidays and usually you have to travel with an adult or as a group with a tour guide. But both did not work out. Our family had to work and the tour was too expensive. They listened to us and tried their best to find a way to do the trip. And it worked out! They organized a host-family where we stayed for a few nights and during the day we could see the city. It has been so awesome and I am so happy that there has always been people who have our backs, supporting us and are there for us.

This year has been indescribable. I literally would love to back and to have it as normal as it has been over there. It has been an adventure with the loveliest people I have ever met!