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  • Wellington High’s Pernambuco Students - For the first time this year Wellington High hosted students from northeastern Brazil’s Pernambuco state. 10 students came on a government scholarship scheme called ‘Win the World’. These are their impressions of their stay. Meeting the New Zealand tuatara (related to the dinosaurs) at Nga Manu Wildlife Sanctuary, Waikanae, Kapiti Coast Vanessa Da Silva and […]
  • Bernardo Evangelista – Niteroi, Brazil - Last year I decided to travel to an English-speaking country to improve my English, because the English courses in Brazil weren’t having the right effect. I talked with my father and we chose New Zealand, because it’s a country with a good quality of life. After that, we chose the city, and it was difficult, […]
  • Jessica Souza – Aracajou - A Brazilian in New Zealand. On 30 January, 2008, my New Zealand experience began. After almost two days travelling between airports and on planes I arrived in kiwi territory. It was warm and sunny and this made me feel at home even knowing that it was my first day, I can’t forget about those who […]
  • Izabella Silva – Niteroi - It’s just been the greatest experience I’ve ever had in my whole life! My host family is amazing and I have really become attached to them. I have three little lovely host brothers and my host mum is the kindest person I’ve ever met. I appreciate them. Wellington High School is quite different from my […]
  • Yuri Abe – Sao Paulo - It Changed my Life. I will miss everything in New Zealand, so much. These six months have changed my life, and to be in a different country has made me think about my country, the problems and the good stuff. I started to compare all aspects, such as families, schools, environment, tourist, life quality and […]
  • Bia Cunha – Sao Paulo - An unforgettable experience… I have been here for 5 months, living in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. I stay with a host family and I go to Wellington High School. The time have gone really fast, and I still remember all the details of my first day in this magic country. I remember […]
  • Fernando Santos – Salvador-Bahia - “Estou gostando muito do colégio pois as pessoas são bem simpáticas,e os professores nos auxiliam muito em nossa adaptação. A Wellington High School é uma excelente opção para aqueles que desejam realizar um intercâmbio inesquecível. Uma das coisas que mais gostei foi a liberdade de escolha das matérias,que são bem variadas,como por exemplo turismo,trabalho com […]
  • Camilla Assad – Presidente Prudente – SP - “A Wellington High School está me proporcionando momentos maravilhosos aqui na Nova Zelândia. Criativa,dinâmica e eficiente são os adjetivos que melhor qualificam a escola. Alunos,professores e funcionários convivem harmonicamente em um ambiente excelente e propício para aqueles que desejam aprender inglês e vivenciar uma experiência inesquecível. Aqui o aprendizado vai além dos livros…compreendemos o quanto […]