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Bernardo Evangelista – Niteroi – Brazil

Farewell 500x300Last year I decided to travel to an English-speaking country to improve my English, because the English courses in Brazil weren’t having the right effect. I talked with my father and we chose New Zealand, because it’s a country with a good quality of life. After that, we chose the city, and it was difficult, because for the most part all of New Zealand’s cities are really good. However one of my friends had already gone to Wellington and he told me about his experiences, so I decided to go to Wellington.

A week before I came to Wellington, I was so scared! I started imagining what my host family, the school and the city would be like. But when I arrived, that all stopped – everything was perfect.

At school I made a lot of friends and I liked the new type of schooling – it was so different from Brazil. My host family welcomed me really well but then they had to go to another city, so I changed home stay families. My new family was amazing, they became like my family from Brazil!

Wellington City is good, so calm, no violence but nowadays it is very cool as well! The wind is horrible but I love the city and its organisation is amazing.

From the first moment here I realised that the culture was very different from Brazil, the people are more educated and they are very receptive to new cultures.

I had a great six months in my Kiwi home!