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Wellington High’s Pernambuco Students

For the first time this year Wellington High hosted students from northeastern Brazil’s Pernambuco state. 10 students came on a government scholarship scheme called ‘Win the World’. These are their impressions of their stay.


Meeting the New Zealand tuatara (related to the dinosaurs) at Nga Manu Wildlife Sanctuary, Waikanae, Kapiti Coast

Vanessa Da Silva and William Cabral

New Zealand is a beautiful country located in the ocean, separated into two islands, the North Island and the South Island. When people visit they don’t want to leave , it’s a place where we can learn about ourselves, different costumes, cultures and people. New Zealand is a great place to live – it’s calm, interesting, perfect weather, great food and the best thing are the polite people who respect you in every aspect. What make this wonderful country be what it is, is that the  people are very kind – they don’t care about what others are wearing or doing and  they make friends really easily. It is hard to say which one of our experiences here was our favourite one because all of them we simply loved . We think that just to come here was really awesome –  we enjoyed it all so much and this is why we don’t want to go back to Brazil! One of the greatest experiences that we had was the Agriculture trip our class went on. We learned to prune the grapevines in the vineyard, we learned how to use a gun for hunting and how to drive tiny cars (go-karts). We really, really, really loved this perfect experience and we’re not going to forget it ever because it was fantastic and we learned things that we never imagined we could learn. In the end we just have to say that we loved everything here – thank you to our host families who supported us, the excellent teachers and students at Wellington High School.

We are going to miss everything and everyone here.  Love ya New Zealand!!!  Hope to come back here! We’ll miss you!


Tais De Albuquerque Lins Godim

Nova Zelandia, um pais que me encantou com o seu desenvolvimento, com sua beleza. Um pais encantador, Educacao de primeira qualidade, e a wellington high school me proporcionou experiencias unicas e inesqueciveis, tanto em aprendizagem quanto em desenvolvimento pessoal. Durante 6 meses a wellington high school me ofereceu bastante aprendizagem, os professores sao incriveis e fazem com que o estudante se interesse a aprender o assunto. Vou sentir falta de tudo na Nova Zelandia!

New Zealand, a country that charmed me with its development, with its beauty. I had lovely host parents and a quality education.  Wellington High School provided me with unique and unforgettable experiences, both in learning and in personal development. During my 6 months in Wellington,  Wellington High School offered me great learning – the teachers are incredible and make the students interested in their subjects. I’ll miss everything about New Zealand!


Morgana Da Silva & Rayssa Rocha Da Silva

We are from Pernambuco, Brazil and we are part of the ‘Programa Ganhe o Mundo’ – it is a programme organised by the government of Pernambuco to allow the best students on their English course to be able to go to different parts of the world. We came to Wellington to improve our English and help our country to grow, with the assistance of our government. Our first day in Wellington was unforgettable, because when we arrived we were met by our host families who were lovely. The first day at Wellington High School was incredible because we knew little about the Maori culture. Wellington is amazing, because the people are friendly and helpful- the friendships we built here are special. We experienced many interesting things but the principal one was to have had the opportunity to meet New Zealanders. And for us the thing that we saw that was the most different was Maori culture, a culture which is very different from ours, but amazing. This exchange was the best thing that has happened in our lives – one new country, different people, a big experience. We will never forget the people who were part of this – the people who influenced us, who supported us, who gave us strength and who have made our English progress.

Pernambuco 2


Anderson De Santana Silva

I had not heard about New Zealand before I came here. I have decided that it is one of the best countries in the world, in education, living and so on.  I’ve learnt a lot since I’ve arrived here, not only in relation to my studies, but also about living and adapting to a new culture. While I’ve been here I have changed myself,  (not for the worse, but for the better) for example in my country when we get off the bus we don’t say “thank you driver” – we just get off and say nothing. I really had the best experience of my life here, coming to another country without being an excellent English speaker. Most people think that’s crazy, but we must be strong and open the doors to our new experience. Wellington High School has really excellent teachers. I’m not joking when I say I learnt in six months more than in my school in Brazil! The question is: “Why is it excellent?”  My answer is that it is because the teachers give their best to try and teach the students.  They try to make sure that you have really learnt things. In my country some teachers do that and some do not (most work because of the payment). New Zealand has a great lifestyle – I’ve known good people here with good personalities who are friendly to everybody. While I’ve been here I’ve tried to learn as many new things as I could about places, school subjects and so on. I am sad to be leaving.


Matheus Torres De Almeida

The realisation of a dream Before I came to New Zealand, my life was so quiet. I can remember clearly the day when I left Brazil,I was so excited and happy!  I travelled for two gruelling days before I arrived in the beautiful Kiwi territory. But all the fatigue of the journey was relieved with the sunrise in my window. New Zealand is more than amazing, it is a country where you find breathtaking landscapes around every corner. Although it is a small country, you can find unique and special things here, sometimes I wondered if I would find somewhere ugly here because everything is amazing. During the school holidays I travelled through the North Island and I was amazed at the amount of scenery and natural wonders that I found. The only bad thing was that I could not play in the snow! Studying at Wellington High School was another amazing experience that New Zealand gave me. I could participate in various activities throughout the school, such as kayaking, archery, scuba diving and Kapa Haka (a traditional Maori dance), among several other things. In addition there were a wide variety of subjects to choose from.

New Zealand provided me with the best days of my life, now I have a second nationality, a second family. It is very sad to think about leaving everything and everyone. Love NZ forever