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  • Ray Lei – Lei Junhao – Zhongzhou, China - Hi everybody, I am Ray from China, your friend. I have been in Wellington for four months and I am a student at Wellington High. When I first arrived here, I felt everything was new in my life. There were so many differences compared with China.  At school the teachers were friendly, they gave me […]
  • Binny Li – Li Yingbin – Quangdong, China - My name is Binny, I am from China and I’m a student at Wellington High School. I have been in New Zealand about a year and I have studied at Wellington High for two terms. I’ve really enjoyed life here. School here is very different from China. I can choose subjects I am interested in […]
  • Lian Jie – Jiao Zhuo, China - Hello! My name is Leah, I come from China. I’ve been at Wellington High School for almost seven months. Studying there has improved my English a lot! When I first came to school, I felt everything was amazing in my mind. I like the school stairs because it is like climbing to a tree house! […]
  • Deng Suining – Guangzhou, China - Hi, my name is Lorna and I’m from mainland China, specifically I come from a big city called Guangzhou which is down the bottom of mainland China. I came to New Zealand mostly because I really like English instead of Chinese and I really want to study about other countries not just China. So here […]
  • LI Sijia (Adam) – Zhuai City, China - I am Adam. I am eighteen years old and I come from Zhuhai City in Guanagdong, China. I am studying a course so I can get university entrance at the end of this year. I am studying subjects that I am good at: Physics, Mathematics with Statistics, Mathematics with Calculus, Art, Painting, Economics, Chinese and […]
  • Yan Liu – Lanzhou - My name is Yan Liu. I am nineteen years old and I come from Lanzhou in China. I am doing a university entrance course: Biology, which I particularly like, Physics, Mathematics with Statistics, Mathematics with Calculus, ESOL, Chinese and recreation for fun. I played tennis for a school team in the summer. This year I […]
  • Xie Chao Yu – Huhhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region - My Kiwi Life I’m from Huhhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolia, Autonomous Region of China. I spent one year, 2007, as a Year 13 student at Wellington High School. There were a great many differences between here and China. I really liked the way the teachers taught; that we did experiments in Physics, for […]