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Lian Jie – Jiao Zhuo, China

Hello! My name is Leah, I come from China. I’ve been at Wellington High School for almost seven months. Studying there has improved my English a lot!

When I first came to school, I felt everything was amazing in my mind. I like the school stairs because it is like climbing to a tree house! There were many differences compared with China. There were lots of subjects to choose, not like China where you have to learn certain subjects. Here you can choose any subject you like.

There are some subjects which I chose that I love a lot – Art and Food Technology. Everyday I enjoy those classes. I can make my own product, I can cook food I have never tried. I also like the teachers, they’re very friendly. They know we are international students, so they pay more attention and take more care of us.

There are lots of fun things to do after school, because the school has lots of sports you can choose to do, like rugby, football and basketball. For me, I chose something I’m interested in – fencing. I hadn’t learnt this in China, so I am a beginner. I enjoy my school life.

I live in a homestay, my homestay mum is very friendly to me. She takes care of my life at home. Everyday she cooks lovely food – we eat dinner together and we talk about the interesting things that happened that day.

I’m quite happy studying and living in New Zealand.