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  • Rebecca Lieberum – Immenhausen, Germany - I still cannot put all of this in words! It has been a year now but it does not feel like a whole year, more as nine months. This year has been a fast, eventful and emotional rollercoaster. And now I am back in Germany, trying to get back at normal. To be honest, I […]
  • Hannah Spittler – Wurzburg, Germany -   Kia Ora! My year in New Zealand – studying at Wellington High School, while living with a host family in Wellington, has changed not only my life, but also me! Thinking back, I have made hundreds of unforgettable memories, survived some of the craziest adventures and made friends for a life time! Going to […]
  • Nikola Lange – Cologne, Germany - My year in Wellington, New Zealand has been the best year of my life. I experienced so much and gained lots of awesome memories. My host family and the friends I made here supported me the whole year and had the biggest influence on my experience being that awesome. I’m so grateful that my parents made it […]
  • Laura Weber - My name is Laura Weber and I am 16 years old. I come from Wunsiedel in Bavaria, Germany. It`s a much smaller town than Wellington so it was very exciting to live in such a colourful, big city that still has the personal charm and character so you feel welcome and at home. I stayed […]
  • Christoph Schwintowski – Berlin, Germany - My name is Christoph Schwintowski, I am German, basically Bavarian, but I now live in Berlin. I started my lovely time at Wellington High School in New Zealand in July 2011. So far I have been given a lot from both the country and the school. I have travelled to the greatest places here in […]
  • Moritz Rehbein – Kiel, Germany - Hi, my name is Moritz and I am an exchange student from Germany – I came to New Zealand to improve my English. About one and a half years ago I had the idea to participate as an exchange student. The countries I first were interested in were Canada, Australia and New Zealand. But my […]
  • Eva Neuwirth – Ammersee, Bavaria - I liked New Zealand so much, I stayed. My name is Eva and I’m from Germany. I was meant to spend 6 months at Wellington High School, but ended up staying for a year and a half, sitting the final exams at the end of it. I ended up staying longer because I loved the […]
  • Felix Helmert – Triebes - My Time in New Zealand Hey my name is Felix Helmert and I’m from Triebes, Thuringia, Germany. When I decided to do an exchange year, my first choice was to go to the U.S, but that was cancelled, so I chose New Zealand. My decision was an easy one because I wanted to go to […]
  • Daniel Polak – Blankenbach - Daniel Polak At the beginning of the first term, when I was scrolling through the wide range of subjects offered at Wellington High, I found Information Science on the list, which sounded pretty interesting to me. I remember the first periods of Mr Brannigan’s Information Science class as quite boring. The topics treated were particularly […]
  • Lisa Siebers – Braunschweig and Marie Bőlke – Nickenich - Fun Times In New Zealand We had a great time at Wellington High School, and during our time here, we had the opportunity to travel around New Zealand. With the school we went on a tramping trip to the Volcanic Plateau in Tongariro National Park, and with other International friends from Germany, Vietnam and Brazil, […]
  • Dominik Maurer – Allensbach - I’ve been in New Zealand for five and a half months now and I’ve been enjoying it so far. I went to school at Wellington High where I made many friends. I studied English, Calculus, Outdoor Education, ESOL, History and Geography. I also joined the second eleven Wellington High School soccer team. It was great […]
  • Maxim Goellnitz – Hamburg - My name is Maxim Goellnitz. I’m 17 Years old and I’m from Hamburg, Germany. I came to Wellington High School last July to stay for a year but now I am going to complete the school year before going back to Germany so I will stay for eighteen months. This year I am studying Art […]
  • Nanetta Ruf – Bad Nauheim-Steinfurth - Reflections The decision was made and on the 10th of July, 2007 I was at the airport leaving my home country for 6 months to go to New Zealand. I was kind of scared; it would be 30 hours alone on the plane to go somewhere where I didn’t know anything or anybody. But, as […]