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Maxim Goellnitz – Hamburg

My name is Maxim Goellnitz. I’m 17 Years old and I’m from Hamburg, Germany.

I came to Wellington High School last July to stay for a year but now I am going to complete the school year before going back to Germany so I will stay for eighteen months.

This year I am studying Art Design and ESOL at Year 13 level and Hospitality, Mathematics and Design Technology at Year 12 level.
I like all my subjects because I got to choose what I was interested in.

I live in a home-stay in Miramar with my host Mum and three other international students. I’m very happy there. I feel that our host Mum loves and really cares about me. There is a free atmosphere, my privacy is respected, its friendly, the food is good and I am learning heaps about different cultures.

Coming to New Zealand and Wellington High School has been a good choice for me. I’ve become more independent and much more adult. I’m a much better student here because there’s a wide subject choice.

New Zealand is a beautiful country; the people are open and friendly. It’s also multi cultural. The climate is completely different from Germany so that is an interesting change.

I’ve travelled around both the North and South Island. I love the South Island for its landscape. The absolute high point was whale watching in Kaikoura in the North Island. Rotorua is fascinating because it is so different from anywhere else with its mud pools and geysers.