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  • Linda Cervesato – Udine, Italy - English Version My name is Linda, I’m 17 years old and I come from Italy, from Udine a city in the region of Friuli Venezia Gulia. My life has totally changed since I came here in Wellington –  it got better! The day of the departure is still clear in my mind, despite being three […]
  • Laura Alessandretti – Torino - Oggi e’ il mio ultimo giorno in Wellington High School. L’ultimo di sei mesi che sono volati. Prima di partire sembrano una vita, ma nel tempo che ci si mette ad ambientarsi veramente bisogna ripartire. La scuola e’ davvero bella , cammino per i corridoi e mi sento proprio a mio agio ormai. I primi […]
  • Fabia Cairoli – Milan - Ciao a tutti, mi chiamo Fabia, sono stata una international student per sei mesi in Nuova Zelanda a Wellington. Mi e stato chiesto di dare una valutazione riguardo la scuola, la mia permanenza qui e tutto cio’ che mi ha riguardato per questo tempo. In questo momento sono seduta nell International office dove Kathrine, Amanda […]
  • Helen Sanchez-Carnate – Milan - Buongiorno Italiani ! Mi chiamo Helene, ho 16 anni, vengo da Milano e sono stata una studentessa internazionale a Wellington per 6 mesi. Ho frequentato la Wellington High School, una delle migliori scuole che accoglie studenti provenienti da tutto il mondo, un posto molto grande in cui persone, culture, menti, pensieri, usi e costumi si […]
  • Andrea Sassone Corsi – Rome - My New Zealand Experience My name is Andrea Sassone Corsi, and I arrived here in February and I will return on the 19th of July. When I arrived here my English was very bad, and I couldn’t understand anything. I’m really happy to say that now my English has improved so much. Wellington High School […]
  • Arianna Avezzu – Bolgna - My 5 Months in New Zealand I decided to come to New Zealand many years ago because I have always been interested in its landscape and its culture, which is very different to mine. I came here on the 4th of February 2007 and I remember that my host family was waiting for me at […]
  • Filippo Vairo – Cortazzone - I stayed here for just two moths and it’s really not enough time. Now that I’m here I’d like to stay longer, but my school in Italy won’t let me do more than this term. I’ve had a very good time here and a lot of fun while I studied hard. I’ve met a lot […]
  • Isabella Cambiaso – Genoa - Life in New Zealand is really different from the one in Italy as school starts at a different time and you have the opportunity to choose your own subjects. That means you can choose subjects that you have an interest or talent for, and you can do things you have never done before. For example, […]
  • Sarah Tramontelli – L’Aquila - Hello! How can I describe this experience? Simply unique! The first days were really difficult, everything being different and the fact that I didn’t know anyone, but after a day I woke up and I understood that it was useless to pine for my home, family and friends back in Italy when I would just […]
  • Antonia Delle Fratte – Rome - The school term that I spent at Wellington High School was one of the most important things to happen in my whole life – there were so many factors that helped this experience to become so important and beautiful. I found the right people to spend time with, people that appreciated my personality, my real […]