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Andrea Sassone Corsi – Rome

My New Zealand Experience

My name is Andrea Sassone Corsi, and I arrived here in February and I will return on the 19th of July. When I arrived here my English was very bad, and I couldn’t understand anything. I’m really happy to say that now my English has improved so much.

Wellington High School is very different from the schools in Italy. For example, in Italy we have just one class and the teacher comes into that class every period. We have 12 different subjects and we don’t have just written tests, we have oral tests, too which I think is a bit harder. I can say that my time here was awesome and very interesting. I enjoyed it so much and it was great to meet all my friends and teachers. I feel great affection towards them.

Most of the things that I did here were so different from activities in my country: starting a new school, living with a new family, having to face a new life and be a mature boy. Everything that I did was interesting and special.

It was special to visit the South Island with my friends, to visit a beautiful place full of green spaces for which New Zealand is renowned for and that I like so much. I travelled to many places in the South Island and liked them all. The first place I visited was Nelson, then the Abel Tasman Park, the West Coast, Wanaka, Hokitika, Queenstown, Lake Tekapo, Christchurch, KAIKOURA and finally, Picton. It was wonderful being in those places with my friends and enjoying it all tremendously. I also visited some spots in the North Island: Porirua and Auckland and will visit some more places soon which I hope will be awesome. In the end it was beautiful to pass the time here and have the experience of my life, and I’d like to do it again one day if it’s possible. Kisses and hugs from Andrea.