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Antonia Delle Fratte – Rome

The school term that I spent at Wellington High School was one of the most important things to happen in my whole life – there were so many factors that helped this experience to become so important and beautiful.

I found the right people to spend time with, people that appreciated my personality, my real one so there I didn’t have to wear a mask or be someone different.  These people are now friends and I hope they will be for a really long time.

The main reason I decided to come to Wellington High School was to improve my English and I think that worked.  Here I’ve had the opportunity to hear lots of different accents, so I have been able to improve my comprehension and to be fluent in my speaking.

My life in Wellington has been completely different from my life in Rome and this is the best thing, because I can try other things and I have had more opportunities to change my life in a good way.

I think that other students who want to come to Wellington High School need to know just a few things – always be yourself and try to adapt to the place where you are going to live. These are two important rules to make the most of your experience in New Zealand.

Wellington High School is the best place where you can be yourself, there is an open, intelligent atmosphere and everyday you find lots of different people from all around the world.  This is a really big plus because when you meet people from other countries, you get to know a bit of their country too.

Wellington High School is the best place to be if you come from a different country and you want to try something really different from your usual life!