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Sarah Tramontelli – L’Aquila

Hello! How can I describe this experience? Simply unique!

The first days were really difficult, everything being different and the fact that I didn’t know anyone, but after a day I woke up and I understood that it was useless to pine for my home, family and friends back in Italy when I would just be at home and everything would be the same as usual. I wasn’t losing anything, but on the contrary, I would be learning many new things and meeting a lot of beautiful people.
I got to choose subjects that I would never have thought of doing before, such as Fabric Technology and Food Technology. In Food Technology we got to create dishes and prepare food just as you would if you worked in a hotel or restaurant.

I spent beautiful days here that I will remember forever. I made lots of friends from around the world which was one of the greatest experience.
I would like to thank Amanda and Julia for their help, the school, the teachers, my family and especially my friends who have always been with me.
I’ll miss you a lot; I’ll miss everything here, even those things I didn’t like.

July-September 2008