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Chie Hasimoto – Hyogo

My name is Chie Hasimoto. I’m 16 years old and I come from Hyogo, Japan.I’m studying in Year 12 at Wellington High School and I’m doing the interesting classes. I do Practical Food and Nutrition which I’m really enjoying, Japanese, Art and I have eight hours of ESOL.

My favourite subject is Practical Woodwork. I’m making a board game with a Maori design.

I live in a home-stay with a Kiwi couple, they are very kind and include me in every thing. My Host Dad is teaching me how to play the guitar and I’m also having lessons at school.

I like Wellington High School, it’s a liberal school and I’ve made many friends here, both international and Kiwi. Chie making a model in Art Wellington is very clean. There are lots of trees and scenery.