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Maho Yoshino – Kitakyushu City

I first knew about Wellington High from my parent’s friends whose son was studying at Wellington High School so I decided to come and study English and apply for Bursary examination in the future. The most difficult thing being a Japanese student is the language and also our writing and understanding the textbooks is difficult. Listening is a little bit easier. I have been here for a year but I am thinking about attending University here but that will depend on my results in Bursary. I find now that I’m enjoying things a lot better since my English has picked up but at the beginning it was very difficult to make friends and understand the teachers. It was harder for me because I arrived in term 2 and I was the only Japanese student. And the language is hard so I didn’t fell confident to speak to the New Zealanders. But one good thing that I think was good in the beginning was ESOL class, because you met people from different places and they are in the same situations you are. School trips are good to make Kiwi friends. I have travelled around New Zealand and enjoyed the beautiful places. I especially liked Milford Sound and Queenstown and I want to see more. Maho recently returned to New Zealand, having successfully completed university in Japan, to visit her favourite teachers and look around the school and country again.