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Hyeuk Jin Kim – Seoul

Hello my name is Hyeuk Jin Kim. I am from Seoul in South Korea. I am fourteen years old, in Year 10 and have been in New Zealand for nearly three years. I was at the nearby Mt Cook primary School for 18 months and learned a lot about school in New Zealand there.

When I came to Wellington High I was already with some people I knew from Mt Cook so it was not so strange.

I live with my mother and step father.

My favourite subjects are mathematics and music. I also study science, social studies, PE and ESOL.  I play the piano and am studying at Grade 7. I have piano lessons at school.  I enjoy mountain biking and have been to many different places riding my bike.  With a bike you can have the freedom to travel all over the city and hills around it. I have heaps of Kiwi friends and really enjoy being here. Life is not so rushed and we have time to enjoy things.