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  • Constanza Perez Cornejo – Chile - What can I say after living such an amazing experience? Well, I’m Coni , I’m 16 years old , I’m from Chile and I can say that I just lived the most incredible five months of my life here in New Zealand. It’s not just the place, it’s everything that I like about Wellington – […]
  • Alondra Arellano Hernadez – Santiago, Chile - Hello my name is Alondra and I am from Chile. I went to New Zealand February 19 and I remember the first day I went to Wellington High School. I was scared about what was coming, but at the same time I had a lot of enthusiasm about meeting new people and learning about this […]
  • Andrea Castellanos – Guatemala - Well….I’m from Guatemala, a beautiful country in Central America. It’s really hot over there, and we speak Spanish, not Mexican as everyone thinks. I have been here for ten months. It took me around 28 hours to get to New Zealand, and yeah, I got sent to a very different place from the one I’ve […]
  • Agustin Furey – Argentina - Una Experiencia Inolvidable Hace ya cinco meses que llegue a Wellington y todavia me faltan cinco mas por recorrer. Durante estos primeros momentos vividos en esta ciudad he experimentado cosas extraordinarias que nunca en mi vida hubiera podido descubrir y disfrutar si me hubiera quedado en mi pais. Recuerdo mi primer dia en Wellington cuando […]
  • Municol Kim – Phnom Penh – Cambodia - My Time at WHS My name is Municol Kim and I come from Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. I’m here because I want to continue to study at a university in New Zealand and I want to improve my English as well. I like the people here because they are kind to me […]
  • Aylwin Jong – Malaysia - Hi there! I came to New Zealand with my parents when I was 19 years old. That was in year 2000. We stayed in Newtown when we first arrived, and enrolling in Wellington High School seemed to be the most obvious thing to do due to its location. We moved to Naenae the following year […]
  • Paula Wulkop – Switzerland - Paula Wulkop, Switzerland, January-July 2011, Year 11, I stayed at the Wellington High for six months and I really enjoyed this time. On the first day, the principal Prue Kelly and the teachers welcomed all the new students. At the end of the speech, which was held in Maori language, we could do a hongi […]
  • Margaux Raymakers – Rixensart, Belgium - I studied in New Zealand for 10 months… it was an amazing experience (probably one of the best of my life), and I left with unforgettable memories. I did so much during my time, and learned a lot about myself. New Zealand is the best choice I could have made for my exchange. It’s probably […]