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  • Thuy Nguyen – Hai Phong - My name is Thuy Nguyen. I’m 15 years old and I come from Hai Phong, North Vietnam. I’m a year 11 student and I’m studying 3 ESOL classes so I can improve my English quickly and Mathematics, Computing and Economics. I really like my ESOL and Maths classes. I’m living with my Uncle and his […]
  • Duc Hanh Nguyen – Hanoi - I studied at Wellington High for 2 years and I have many good memories of my time there.When I came to Wellington High for the first time, I was nervous but excited at the same time. Later on I got used to the school’s system. I made many friends. Some of them were from Germany, […]
  • Hoai Phuong Nguyen – Ho Chi Minh City - First Impressions of Wellington High SchoolHoai Phuong Nguyen – Ho Chi Minh City Year 11 2008Rain always comes and brings the lush colour of green, the pure stream of water to wet everything, wipe out daily stresses, brings the rainbow to add colours to the sky.It was a rainy day-my first day at Wellington High. […]
  • Loan Pham – Hanoi - Wellington Life My name is Loan and I’m from Vietnam; a beautiful small country in South East Asia. I have been here in New Zealand for one year and four months, that’s a long time, isn’t it? I’m an international student and I’m studying at Wellington High School.Well, about Wellington High School. This is my […]
  • Le Ngoc Cuong – Hanoi - Wellington High is Interesting Hello, I’m Cuong and I’m 18 years old, from Hanoi, Vietnam. I have been in New Zealand for two and a half years. At the moment I’m living in Wellington and studying at Wellington High. At school I study Maths, ESOL, Chemistry, Food Technology and Mechanical Engineering.I’m enjoying studying Mechanical Engineering […]
  • Dinh Nam Nguyen – Hanoi - From Here to University. Hello everyone. I spent one and a half years at Wellington High School. I was really happy to be in this beautiful place where everyone was friendly, especially my teachers who were really kind and helped me with my studies and learning English. In Yr 13 I studied Calculus, Statistics, Physics […]
  • Hai Yen Nguyen – Hanoi - Hi everyone! I’m writing this from Monash University where I’m in my first year studying for a Commerce degree. I’m working really hard but feeling reasonably confident as I think my two final years of secondary school at Wellington High School have prepared me well. I arrived at Wellington High at the beginning of 2006 […]