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Duc Hanh Nguyen – Hanoi

I studied at Wellington High for 2 years and I have many good memories of my time there.
When I came to Wellington High for the first time, I was nervous but excited at the same time. Later on I got used to the school’s system. I made many friends. Some of them were from Germany, the others from Asia and New Zealand students. They were very friendly and helped me a lot.
I had a close friend. His name is Hunter- a New Zealand student. He was a friendly guy. He showed me many interesting things around the school.
There were other Vietnamese students. We were all like a group of friends. At lunch time we sat around a table, ate our lunch and played cards. We just played cards for fun not for money or anything else.
I really enjoyed school and love the teachers there. They were all friendly and patient. If I didn’t understand a problem in the lesson, they were happy explain it again for me.
I had a very good time at Wellington High. I will never forget my teachers and my friends; they will always be in my heart. They organised things like the International Dinner and the beginning of the year picnic. In the picture I have just finished a three legged race with my cousin Yen.
I studied Computing, Electronics, English, Calculus and Statistics. I did very well at the NCEA examinations at the end of Yr 13. I gained NCEA level 3 and University entrance and plan to go San Jose State University in the Fall Semester of 2008.