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Hai Yen Nguyen – Hanoi

Hi everyone! I’m writing this from Monash University where I’m in my first year studying for a Commerce degree. I’m working really hard but feeling reasonably confident as I think my two final years of secondary school at Wellington High School have prepared me well.

I arrived at Wellington High at the beginning of 2006 and both my cousin, Hanh, and I enrolled in Year 12 classes although not the same ones. I took courses in Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics, Design Technology Fabrics and ESOL. I like studying and worked really hard and got a lot of help from my teachers, who were really kind and understanding. At the end of the year at Senior Prize giving I was awarded 1st in subject for Year 13 ESOL and an International Students Award.

During the year I adjusted well to life in N.Z and enjoyed myself. I had a kiwi host family who looked after me well and I especially loved my host sister. It helped having my cousin at the same school although I soon made lots of friends from all over the world.

At the end of 2006 I went home to Vietnam for the holidays, feeling good that I’d had such a positive experience in my first year away from home.

I returned to Wellington High School in February, 2007, to the same host family and for my final year at school. I took the same subjects but at level 3: Chemistry, Design Technology, Fabrics, Mathematics with Statistics and Mathematics with Calculus. I didn’t do ESOL as I had obtained the credits I needed in English for University Entrance the year before. I liked all my classes but especially Design Technology as it was something I had never had the opportunity to do before.
At the end of the year I received an International Students Award and was first in subject in Mathematics with Calculus, Chemistry, Design Technology Fabrics AND I was runner up to the Dux. I was so happy and my family were so proud. This and my good marks in the level three examinations, and achieving University Entrance enabled me to achieve a place at Monash University.

I miss Wellington High School; all the fun I had, the friends I made, my teachers and my little host sister.