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Loan Pham – Hanoi

Wellington Life

My name is Loan and I’m from Vietnam; a beautiful small country in South East Asia. I have been here in New Zealand for one year and four months, that’s a long time, isn’t it? I’m an international student and I’m studying at Wellington High School.
Well, about Wellington High School. This is my first school in an overseas country. Sure enough, there are lots of differences between my school in Vietnam and my school here. I think most of the differences are positive and I prefer here than in my old school. For example, you just study five subjects, not 11 as in Vietnam, the teachers are willing to answer every question from students and there is not as much pressure put on students so I feel more comfortable here.
The big difference is the language you speak, I use English all the time, and that has been my biggest difficulty. In the early days my English was dreadful and I didn’t understand what other people were saying. But now I have got used to it, and my English is much better now.
One special thing about Wellington High is that there are many international students from lots of different countries studying here. I can make friends with Chinese, Korean, Indian, Samoan, Japanese and German people. I could never do that in Vietnam. Overall, I enjoy studying here, I have lots of fun.
At school, I work hard in all my classes; the classes are so interesting so I like to study new things. Outside of school, I relax and explore Wellington. I like taking a walk whenever I can go around the city for shopping or simply to have a look at the nice scenery. Sometimes I go to the movies with my friends; otherwise if the weather is bad (usually in winter) I love to stay at home, watch movies and T.V or listen to music in English.
Yes I like living here, I love studying at Wellington High because my life is peaceful and comfortable compared to life in Vietnam.
This year I want to get University Entrance and then I’ll decide what I want to do next.