International Website

Partnering with us

Thank you for your interest in representing Wellington High School and in helping to market our education programme to International Students.  

Wellington High School offers our Agents & Consultants

  • Quick and professional service, and prompt response to any communications
  • Fast decisions on student applications
  • Professional attention to student needs and welfare
  • Regular newsletters and other communications about the school
  • Regular reports on student progress sent directly to agents and/or parents
  • Visits to your office and country as appropriate

Wellington High School expects our Agents and Consultants

  • To sign an Agent’s Contract

To sign an Agent’s Contract, requests should be sent to and should include a profile of your company which includes:

  • Company History
  • Focus Markets
  • Type of programmes offered
  • Two References

Once a request is received and references verified, a contract will be sent outlining the responsibilities of the school and the Agent. This must be signed and returned.

All agents must be aware of the Code of Practice for the Care of International Students and conduct themselves with the highest level of professionalism.

For further details email