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Xie Chao Yu – Huhhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

My Kiwi Life I’m from Huhhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolia, Autonomous Region of China.

I spent one year, 2007, as a Year 13 student at Wellington High School. There were a great many differences between here and China. I really liked the way the teachers taught; that we did experiments in Physics, for example, because it definitely helped me to understand what I was doing and helped with my wider comprehension of the subject.

The use of computers in Mathematics was something new also, and it was a very good way to learn it.

I also like that we did not have to wear a uniform. Wellington High has really good facilities and I played both basketball and badminton on indoor courts. I appreciated the difference from home.

I was also able to make a whole lot of friends here from many different countries, and I had a great time living with a Kiwi family. I came to New Zealand with the aim of getting into a good English speaking University. I spent one year in Year 13 at Wellington High doing a university entrance course in Mathematics with Calculus, Mathematics with Statistics, Economics, Physics and English as a Second Language. I worked hard and achieved University Entrance.

This year I’m studying for a Bachelor of Commerce degree at Victoria University.